The Real Reason This Election Embarrasses Me

To everyone who is now denouncing, demeaning, and demonizing the Midwest.


Check Me Out Online

You can find me many places on the Internet. Let me save you the trouble of Googling me. As a contributor on spoiled NYC As a contributor on As a contributor on… Continue reading

Is This How Adults End Relationships?

The Mature Breakup: you plan it. You attend it. You participate in it. You go home sad and reflective instead of mad and self righteous. Am I doing this right?

East Coast / West Coast, Which Coast is the Best Coast?

Walking out of the San Diego airport into the Southern California sunshine was a powerful aphrodisiac, but nothing I can’t resist—my heart belongs in Manhattan, and I’m not a cheater. But the weather wasn’t the only temptation that presented itself over the weekend.

Things I’m Not Proud Of: Excuses I’ve Used to Get Out of a Date

Society has a problem saying, “I’m just not that into you.” But no one will believe you have to wash your hair that night. I’m tentative about publicly sharing my go-to excuses—but to be fair, half the time I say these things, they’re true! So don’t be too offended the next time I blow you off; there’s at least a 50% chance it’s really not you, it’s me.

Barely Cooking: Mediterranean Shrimp Couscous

It’s been a little more than a week since I last made a Barely Cooking entry. At first, this was because I moved apartments at the beginning of September, and that involved many changes. One of them being that I got lazy and didn’t want to cook a real meal every week. But I’ve decided to make a comeback in the form of Mediterranean Shrimp Couscous.

14 Reasons #WhyImSingle On Valentine’s Day

If you’re at all aware of your surroundings, you know that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. If you know anything about me, you know my relationship status: single. But it’s not because nobody can stand me. In keeping with the spirit of the holiday, I’m celebrating February 14 by declaring the top 14 reasons why I’m single on Valentine’s Day.

30 Reasons Why Having a Sister is Better than Having a Boyfriend

Relationships can be wonderful. But boyfriends come and boyfriends go. You know what relationship I believe in? The one I have with my sister. In honor of my role model, my best friend, and my big sister, here are the top 30 reasons why having a sister is better than having a boyfriend.

New Year, New Man: Who I Want To Meet In 2015

If you’re like me, you’ve made a slew of New Year’s resolutions; and if you’re really like me, none of them have to do with romantic relationships. But let’s be honest—I’m single, it’s a new year, and there are certain things I’m looking for. Qualifications below. If you know this man—if you ARE this man—you know how to reach me.

New Year, Pure Life

I’m all for fresh starts, new beginnings, and any excuse to make a change. I have many New Year’s resolutions I’d like to attain. By declaring them here, I am trying to hold myself accountable. So if/when I fail at attaining one or two or all of these, I’ll have to live with my failure. And why would I want to do that?