This is Me

I’m Meredith Hirt. And this is a little bit about me.

July 2014
14 months as a college graduate. 10 months as a New York City resident. 7 months as a single lady. 5 months as a full-time assistant editor at NYMetroParents. So caught up in my own existential crisis bull shit that numbers are all I can handle right now. 5 sentences down, infinity more to go…

November 2013
I’m currently living the quintessential New York City life. And by that, I mean I’m broke, pursuing a job in my chosen creative field (intern at for now), and working at a restaurant to help pay for all of the fees that accompany a Manhattan lifestyle. Seeking a full time job, battling #postgradproblems and maintaining a long distance relationship. Much of my inspiration comes to me while waiting for the subway.

June 2013
Recent college graduate. Almost 22. Recent transplant to Houston, TX. With my parents. Mostly unemployed; actively searching. Conquering life at home, long distance relationships and #postgradproblems in cowboy boots.

April 2012
Junior year is almost over.  If I could go back to my August self, I would say, “Stop freaking out about being halfway done with college. Wait until you’re three quarters done, THEN you’re allowed to freak out.” I’ve finally accepted the fact that my business degree will never be framed and hanging on my wall because as a career, I want nothing to do with business; I want to write. How I’ll manage to accomplish this I haven’t quite figured out yet. My options for summer 2012 are completely open, anyone want to hire me to tweet and blog for them? But seriously.

June 2011
Still at UD. And not just during the school year. As a new resident of Tunica, Mississippi, I chose to stay on campus over the summer to continue my job at UD Magazine, take a couple online classes and live the front-porch dream. Halfway done with college and looking forward to being all the way done. I have now paid rent, safely used a gas stove and killed a cockroach (with a high heel). Watch out world, there’s a “real adult” on the loose.

September 2010
One of my cousins is a teacher at a high school.  I remember her telling me, years ago, that sophomores are the worst.  They’re not the fresh meat anymore so they seem to think they can do anything they want.  As a sophomore in college myself now, I can totally relate to this statement.  I am no longer the youngest on campus.  I know more about UD than a quarter of the population.  Does a small superiority complex come with this knowledge?  I would have to say yes.  But let’s face it – I have my own apartment; I have my car on campus; I’m done with all of my gen eds.  I’m awesome.

February 2010
A year has passed since I updated this page – I never thought I’d be more than halfway through my freshman year at UD.  Now that I am, it’s interesting to look back on all my expectations and see where I thought I would be compared to where I actually am.  Though nothing went exactly as planned, much of it went better.  I am now a freshman in college in the city of Dayton in Ohio and I love it.

February 2009
I’m a senior in high school in a small town in Michigan, and I am ready to get out. This will be happening in the next six months, and I am setting out with the intention of documenting this half year. Right here. Under public scrutiny and with proper grammar. Watch out,!