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Valuable Assets

I was recently complaining about our fast-approaching graduation (which occurred May 5) with my boyfriend, bemoaning, “There were so many things I wanted to do that I never did!” His response: “But think… Continue reading

An existential crisis in an emergency room.

*author’s note: This was an essay assignment for my existentialism class. Sorry if you haven’t read Kierkegaard and have no idea what I’m talking about. I provide handy page references if you’d like… Continue reading

Big Girl Badge: I Survived a Car Accident

The lovely ladies at The Gloss proposed a challenge: submit a story about something you’ve done that moved you towards being a grown-up. AKA, earned you your Big Girl Badge. Unfortunately I didn’t… Continue reading


July 18, 2012 was the date when I got the most soaked from walking outside in the rain as I’ve ever gotten. How long will I remember that date? It might as well… Continue reading

Independent Women Part III

“All the women / Who independent / Throw your hands up at me” (Independent Women Pt. I, Destiny’s Child) I threw my hands up. Proud of it, too. But still surprising when other… Continue reading


I used to be really afraid of tsunamis when I was a child. Which would have been a legitimate concern had I lived anywhere near the ocean. Looking at pictures of the recent… Continue reading

Bless You.

Recently I was walking home from work and I was just about to pass the library. A girl walking towards me across the street sneezed. A boy walked past her a few seconds… Continue reading

Cheers to the New Year

I refuse to believe the superstitious New Year’s Eve theory. The “how you spend New Year’s Eve dictates how you’ll spend the new year” spiel. Why? Because not only do I deny superstitions… Continue reading

Happy Camper

Because I suck at sleeping, I was laying in bed this morning making a mental to-do list.  Updating this damn blog wasn’t necessarily at the top, but because two of my friends are… Continue reading

“It is on our failures that we base a new and different and better success.”

I’m an honors student at University of Dayton.  I was also invited to apply to their Berry Scholars Program.  This program accepts only 30 incoming freshmen, and involves two seminar-style classes each semester. … Continue reading