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OMG I love your skirt!…Or do I?

For those that have seen the movie Mean Girls, you may recall the scene where Regina George sweetly asks a girl in the hallway where she got her skirt and then compliments her… Continue reading

Practical-ly Heartless

I talked to a friend recently about my lack of sentimentality. It came up because I was explaining how I am my father’s daughter. The example I gave was this: when we moved… Continue reading

Cheers to the New Year

I refuse to believe the superstitious New Year’s Eve theory. The “how you spend New Year’s Eve dictates how you’ll spend the new year” spiel. Why? Because not only do I deny superstitions… Continue reading

Critique of a Common Colloquialism

How often do you ask someone the question, “How are you?”  And how often do you actually care? If you’re anything like me, you answered “often” to the first query and “rarely” to… Continue reading

Happy Camper

Because I suck at sleeping, I was laying in bed this morning making a mental to-do list.  Updating this damn blog wasn’t necessarily at the top, but because two of my friends are… Continue reading

Exploring the “Great” Outdoors?

My Honors Physics teacher was great.  Hilarious, personally invested in his students, and overall an outstanding teacher.  Except for maybe one thing.  He convined many of us in his class to go on… Continue reading


In general, I would call myself a pretty selfish person.  I don’t really give a damn what any given person is doing at any given moment in time.  But I am now one… Continue reading

Freudian Slip

I realize that a Freudian slip is saying something your conscience hadn’t recognized as a developed thought.  But the “facts” I’ve just discovered are ideas my subconscious has housed for introspection for quite… Continue reading