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Real is as real does.

“You probably think your cup is half empty, don’t you?” That was said to me in January, when I was at a friend’s apartment celebrating her birthday. The comment transpired somehow because after… Continue reading

Pain vs. Pleasure: By the Numbers

“We already know how it turns out – we’re just quantifying the pleasure and pain. That’s what this is all about.” Said in my International Economics class concerning consumer and producer surplus, this… Continue reading

My car, my rules.

Inside my car is my favorite place to be. I love driving. But I’m also very fond of sleeping and showering and eating but my bed, my bathroom and my kitchen are not… Continue reading

Pure Michigan

I was a little taken aback by the “Pure Michigan” sign at the Ohio/Michigan border. In my personal opinion, the “Great lakes. Great times.”slogan was much catchier. And not only was my untrained… Continue reading

Sharing sadness

I wrote this over two months ago. I put off posting it because it makes me sound like a bitch. But as the same neighbor I reference below told me, if that’s what… Continue reading

Independent Women Part III

“All the women / Who independent / Throw your hands up at me” (Independent Women Pt. I, Destiny’s Child) I threw my hands up. Proud of it, too. But still surprising when other… Continue reading

Practical-ly Heartless

I talked to a friend recently about my lack of sentimentality. It came up because I was explaining how I am my father’s daughter. The example I gave was this: when we moved… Continue reading

Ice Queen

I’m the co-editor of my high school’s newspaper, the Mirror.  In general I’m friendly and flexible, but sometimes I have to coerce and threaten my writers to get things done.  On two separate… Continue reading


To begin, you have to realize how much I love Caliente.  He became mine on November 1, 2008.  His name means “hot” in Spanish, and I affectionately call him Cal.  He never betrays… Continue reading

Freudian Slip

I realize that a Freudian slip is saying something your conscience hadn’t recognized as a developed thought.  But the “facts” I’ve just discovered are ideas my subconscious has housed for introspection for quite… Continue reading