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The Real Reason This Election Embarrasses Me

To everyone who is now denouncing, demeaning, and demonizing the Midwest.


New Year, Pure Life

I’m all for fresh starts, new beginnings, and any excuse to make a change. I have many New Year’s resolutions I’d like to attain. By declaring them here, I am trying to hold myself accountable. So if/when I fail at attaining one or two or all of these, I’ll have to live with my failure. And why would I want to do that?

My Alone-iversary: I’ve Been Single For 365 Days

I have been single for one year. This is not an anniversary to be commemorated with poems, or roses, or wine—okay, maybe wine—but it is an anniversary nonetheless. And even if the occasion isn’t something you can find a Hallmark card for—Congratulations on being alone for an entire calendar year!—I am a big believer in celebrations. So here we go.

Instagram Unfiltered: What I Want You To Think vs. What Actually Happened

This is the sort of illusion of introspection I wish I had come up with on my own (I say illusory because it’s the kind of introspection where it’s easy to make it sound like I’m revealing a lot more than I am), but I 100% copied this idea from a recent post on Bustle. My Instagram feed is nowhere near as beautiful (or to my credit, I think, as staged) as the author’s, but it’s still an interesting concept: we only share the “picture perfect” snapshots of our lives on Instagram, but even so, those moments are not quite as idealistic as the filters we choose would lead you to believe.

Valuable Assets

I was recently complaining about our fast-approaching graduation (which occurred May 5) with my boyfriend, bemoaning, “There were so many things I wanted to do that I never did!” His response: “But think… Continue reading

An existential crisis in an emergency room.

*author’s note: This was an essay assignment for my existentialism class. Sorry if you haven’t read Kierkegaard and have no idea what I’m talking about. I provide handy page references if you’d like… Continue reading

Putting dinner on my own damn table

I started this entry in late October. After all of my initial inspiration was thrown on the page, I promptly abandoned it – because I had no idea what kind of conclusion I… Continue reading

I Just Can’t Get Into It

Inspired by my dear friend over at Kunjulam, I thought I’d give this SoulPancake activity by @gaumercake a go. List three cultural phenomena people freak out over but you just can’t seem to… Continue reading


July 18, 2012 was the date when I got the most soaked from walking outside in the rain as I’ve ever gotten. How long will I remember that date? It might as well… Continue reading

The Warning

How do I feel about The Warning? The pre-admittance admittance that an admittance is coming. The: “Well, to be honest…” The: “Okay don’t get offended but…” The: “You may not like this, but…”… Continue reading