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East Coast / West Coast, Which Coast is the Best Coast?

Walking out of the San Diego airport into the Southern California sunshine was a powerful aphrodisiac, but nothing I can’t resist—my heart belongs in Manhattan, and I’m not a cheater. But the weather wasn’t the only temptation that presented itself over the weekend.


Let’s hear it for New York

New York City. The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps. I honestly don’t think I have anything to say about the place that has not already been said. But I have things… Continue reading


July 18, 2012 was the date when I got the most soaked from walking outside in the rain as I’ve ever gotten. How long will I remember that date? It might as well… Continue reading

Pure Michigan

I was a little taken aback by the “Pure Michigan” sign at the Ohio/Michigan border. In my personal opinion, the “Great lakes. Great times.”slogan was much catchier. And not only was my untrained… Continue reading

For Sale

Driving into Tunica, Mississippi is surprisingly similar to driving into Coldwater, Michigan. The sky is colored an unnatural orange hue above a corner of both locales, due to the county prison lights in… Continue reading

NYC, MSU and U of M

Parent’s Weekend at University of Dayton is a huge ordeal.  I’m not saying that weekends here aren’t always insane, but when the moms and dads roll in, each and every single stop is… Continue reading

Adiós, España. – study abroad pt. 6

– The week flew by.  Before I knew it, it was time to pack our bags and set our alarms to arrive at the airport on time. – Actually, I was ready to… Continue reading

Raging at Razzmatazz – study abroad pt. 5

– But, you know, let’s get back to the real Barcelona experience… – This time around, our accommodations were apartments.  Hostel, dorm, hotel, apartments.  We just hit it all.  Unfortunately, the rooms were… Continue reading

You actually have to study while studying abroad?! – study abroad pt. 4

– Obviously, I was glad to return to Spain.  Now – Barcelona.  La capital! Unfortunately, the academia of the trip was catching up to us; the week we were to stay in Barcelona… Continue reading

McDonald’s in Morocco – study abroad pt. 3

– Leg three:  Morocco.  That’s right – Africa.  Africa seems significantly more foreign and intimidating than Europe.  We boarded a ferry for the open sea and tried to hang on to our breakfast.… Continue reading