Facing My Flaws Volume IV

1.) I may have graduated from college, but my curriculum covered nothing about cooking. Senior year, I managed not to use the oven a single time.
– I live at home. I don’t really have to cook for myself. Good for now, bad for later.

2.) I’m still not particularly good at sharing, in general.
– Good thing I don’t have roommates any more!

3.) I’m still a germ freak.
– Fortunately my parents’ home is much cleaner than any residence I resided in during school.

4.) I can’t park.

5.) I interrupt. A lot.

6.) I don’t say please. I say thank you, really. I just forget to ask for things nicely.

7.) I have been told numerous times that I scare people. That people are afraid of me when I meet them. That I am too intense, too intimidating. Instead of facing this as a flaw, I could use this to my advantage. But isn’t that even scarier?

8.) I’m bad at sympathy. Or do I mean empathy? I probably mean both.

9.) I burp. A lot and loudly. In public. Without saying, “Excuse me.”

10.) I’ve been told that I am the most critical person and the least sympathetic person people know.

11.) I ask a LOT of questions.

12.) I’m unemployed.
– But actively seeking!

13.) I’m very schedule-oriented. I’m used to having a routine of class and work. I’m motivated by goals, whether it be deadlines, projects, papers, etc. Now that I’m graduated and unemployed (see #12), I feel aimless. There is plenty I could be doing (I told people since I didn’t have a job, I was going to start writing a novel over the summer), but my days are so empty and unstructured and I’m actually more productive when I’m busy. Catch 22: if I actually started doing shit, I’d have shit to keep me busy.