Facing My Flaws Volume II

September 2010
I created my original list of flaws the summer before I became a freshman at the University of Dayton.  Now a sophomore, I have combated and overcome many of them – but of course, only to face new and different ones.  So, here it is:  Facing my Flaws, Volume II.

1) I now have an apartment with my three other roommates, which includes our very own kitchen!  Flaw:  I don’t know how to cook.
– One of my roommates makes dinner almost every single night.  This sort of nulls and voids the necessity of fixing this flaw, but I am still working on it.  (9.1.10)
– I made my first grilled cheese here.  I burned it.  (9.15.10)
– I sauteed mushrooms last night!  Progress.  (9.28.10)

– Second semester. We’ve decided to do our own cooking. First week, I’ve eaten a lot of egg sandwiches and baked potatoes (both made in the microwave). Whatever, it works. (1.23.11)
2) Still thoroughly applicable from freshman year:  I suck at sleeping.  I don’t nap well, I can’t fall back asleep well after anything wakes me up, I don’t fall asleep quickly.
3) Another carry-over:  I’m terrible at sharing, just in general.
4) I’m a germ freak.  The four of us wash our own dishes and split weekly cleaning duties.  What if their standards of clean aren’t up to my standards of clean?
5) I’ve never cleaned a toilet or a shower in my life.
– Today was the first cleaning day I had bathroom duty.  Can check this off my list!  (9.20.10)
6) Though I now have my car on campus, it is parked at the opposite end, 15 minutes away.  Though a pain in the ass, this flaw is more focused on my procrastination:  I ended up with such a crappy parking pass because I didn’t check my email often over the summer and all the close parking lots were taken very quickly.
– Managed to snag a much closer spot for second semester. Now it’s only a 3 minute walk! (2.1.11)
7) I hated Accounting 207 last semester.  HATED.  Though I somehow managed to pull a B+ in the class, I am not looking forward to Accounting 208 this semester.
– Though still not enjoyable, I got a 93.5% on my first accounting block exam!  (9.21.10)
– Not to brag…but 95% on second block!  (10.21.10)
– My accounting prowess is humbled – 88% on the third. (11.12.10)
– Received an A in ACC 208 and done with accounting for the rest of college! BOOM. (December 2010)
8.) Though not a personal flaw, two of my best friends from freshman year live across campus from me now.  I will no longer be able to walk directly across the hall to see them at any time on any day.
– Second semester, I think I slept in their apartment on the weekends as often as I slept in my own. (January – May 2010)
9.) Now in an apartment, I tend to forget that the bedroom is my territory and the family room is not. I often leave (many of) my things out there for some (long periods of) time.
10.) I interrupt. A lot. One of the most eye-opening times I was called out on this was first semester. My business law professor and I were having a discussion on the merit of some law or another. After awhile he says, in front of the whole class, “Do you always interrupt everyone like this?” Whoops.
11.) I don’t say please. I say thank you, I promise. I just forget to ask for things nicely.
12.) I don’t wear make up. Correction: I don’t wear make up during the week. On the weekends it’s all about bright colors and glitter. But I only put it on 10% of weekdays. Is this a flaw? You tell me.