Facing My Flaws Volume III

1.) I am in my third year of college. Second year with a kitchen. I still make my eggs in the microwave and I still burn my grilled cheese. Cooking is still a foreign concept.

-I set off the fire alarm making chicken and pasta. Whoops. (Sept. ’11)
-I eat a lot of Lean Cuisines. (Aug. – Dec. ’11)
2.) I’m still not particularly good at sharing, in general. With a house on the Darkside now, I am fortunate enough to have my own bedroom. This solves a lot of problems.
3.) I’m still a germ freak. I purchased two vinyl mattress covers for my bed. Moving into my house in May was not a fun experience. I was afraid to touch anything. I still will not walk around barefoot. My mother is concerned this is boderline obsessive. Maybe it is.
4.) Living on the Darkside means there is street parking available. Which is great! Problem: I am not good at nor confident in my ability to parallel park.
– My parents bought me a parking pass in a lot 45 seconds away from my house. I still can’t parallel park, but I still don’t have to! (Aug. 2011)
5.) In my house, I tend to forget that the bedroom is my territory and the family room is not. I often leave (many of) my things out there for some (long periods of) time.
– This past weekend I finally cleaned the kitchen table nook area, which I had laid claim to for the past month. Communal space communal space communal space. (10/31/11)
6.) I interrupt. A lot. As stated in Vol. II, one of the most eye-opening times I was called out on this was first semester sophomore year. My business law professor and I were having a discussion on the merit of some law or another. After awhile he says, in front of the whole class, “Do you always interrupt everyone like this?” Whoops.
7.) I don’t say please. I say thank you, I promise. I just forget to ask for things nicely.
– I have been trying to work on this. I was visiting my Michigan best friend at her school for her 21st birthday. I don’t remember what I was asking, but I actually remembered to put “please” in front of the request. Another of my childhood friends looked at me, shocked, and said, “That’s not something I’m used to hearing coming out of your mouth!” (2/25/12)
8.) I don’t wear make up. Correction: I don’t wear make up during the week. On the weekends it’s all about bright colors and glitter. But I only put it on 10% of weekdays. Is this a flaw? You tell me.
9.) I have been told numerous times recently that I scare people. That people are afraid of me when I meet them. That I am too intense, too intimidating. Instead of facing this as a flaw, I could use this to my advantage. But isn’t that even scarier?
10.) I’m bad at sympathy. Or do I mean empathy? I probably mean both.
11.) I burp. A lot and loudly. In public. Without saying, “Excuse me.”
12.) I’ve been told that I am the most critical person and the least sympathetic person people know.
13.) I ask a LOT of questions.
14.) I need to work on keeping my mouth shut.
15.) I am a fiercely loyal friend. Though this may sound like a good thing, it has its drawbacks. If I think someone is messing with someone I care about, I have been known to threaten them with physical bodily harm. One of the reasons people tell me I am 9.) intimidating.