Facing My Flaws Volume I

September 2010
This is old news.  Head over to Facing My Flaws Volume II to see how I currently suck at life.

Summer 2009
Orientation at University of Dayton starts August 22nd.  I am thrilled, but I have begun to take notice of habits I need to break – or at least keep down to a minimum – before I move into my dorm.  So I’m compiling this list as an attempt to motivate me.  I’m sure I’ll be adding more as the date of my arrival as a freshman at UD draws nearer.  Any tips on how to achieve my goals would be appreciated!

1. After I brush my teeth, I wipe my mouth off with toilet paper.  I cannot do this in community bathrooms!
I’d like to note that while I was in Florida for a week over spring break I did not do this once! (4/12/09)

-It’s much harder to remember not to do this at home. (4/23/09)

-I would like to state that I believe I successfully broke this habit! (7/23/09)

2. I need to accept the fact that I will be using a community bathroom.

-Surprisingly, it’s not that bad. (8/31/09)/
-Though still occasionally annoying, I can say I have fully accommodated to this inconvenience.  (11/30/09)

3. I need to stop storing the majority of my wardrobe (and everything else I own) on the floor of my bedroom.

-My roommate has this problem as well.  So it doesn’t bother her, but our room gets quite messy at times.  (12/2/09)

-Though not Catholic, I “gave up” being messy for Lent.  It worked surprisingly well and I have created a new good habit of picking up after myself!  (4/7/10)
4. No longer can I count on my mother to provide me with adequate fruits and vegetables.

-I pack my lunch now most of the time, and I always remember to include some fruit with it! (5/5/09)

-I make healthier choices at school than I did at home since I am now completely responsible for my diet.  Yay me!   (September 09)
5. Unfortunately, I will not be able to fit all of my jeans in my dorm room closet.  How will I choose which ones to take?!
-It wasn’t difficult!  (8/19/09)
6. Ditto with my shoes.
7. I will not have my car freshman year.  I love my car.  I’m worried about suffering from separation anxiety.
8. In a seemingly contradicting nature to my self-proclaimed social personality, I have the tendency to alienate myself from others.  My friends understand this.  People who have just met me will not.  I need to become more aware of the specific instances when I do this and stop from crippling potential friendships before they start!

9. I am great at waking up to my alarm in the morning.  I am terrible at waking up to my alarm when I take naps.  My mother suggested I call her when I’m going to nap at school, and she’ll call me an allotted time later to wake me up.  However generous the offer, I cannot always be dependent on this.
-Unfortunately, I never really had time to nap.  (4/19/10)
10. I burp a lot and loudly.  This is not something I plan on changing.  However, I should probably keep it quiet it in certain company, especially when everyone is a complete stranger.
11. I don’t know how to do laundry…

-Though I made everything up as  I went, I did wash one sweatshirt yesterday. (7/23/09)

-I have not even used an entire bottle of detergent the entire year.  I prefer to wait for breaks and take my laundry home…whoops. (4/19/10)
12. …or iron.
13. My sister lovingly reminded me that I have a tendency to whine.  For the record, I only whine to my family and closest friends, so this shouldn’t be too off-putting at school next year.

14. I often multitask while brushing my teeth by picking out my clothes for the day or putting on jewelry.  I will probably not be able to do this, as the bathroom won’t be right next to my room.
-I taught myself to brush my teeth without wetting the brush first.  Now I can multitask in my room while I brush, and go to the bathroom to spit!  October 09
15. I suck at sleeping.  I don’t nap well, I can’t fall back asleep well after anything wakes me up, I don’t fall asleep quickly.
16. I’m terrible at sharing, just in general.
17. I go through toothbrushes so fast.  Anytime there’s any possibility that anything happened to it, I need a new one.