My Alone-iversary: I’ve Been Single For 365 Days

I have been single for one year. This is not an anniversary to be commemorated with poems, or roses, or wine—okay, maybe wine—but it is an anniversary nonetheless. And even if the occasion isn’t something you can find a Hallmark card for—Congratulations on being alone for an entire calendar year!—I am a big believer in celebrations. So here we go.


What My First Date Outfit Says About You

First dates can be kind of a big deal. Whether or not you believe in love at first sight, first impressions count. What I decide to wear on a first date says less about me and more about what I think about you.

What My Instagram Would Look Like If I Had a Boyfriend

I don’t think it would take a detective to look at my Instagram and realize that I’m a single lady. But looks can be deceiving, right? So here’s what it would look like I were one half of a happy couple. And if I were the type of cheesy girlfriend who fawns over her boyfriend on social media and uses hashtags like #lol. Which I’m not.

Happy Anniversary to NYC and Me

What has a year of those circumstances, living in and with and as a part of NYC, done to me? This may sound like a strange declaration coming from someone who lives in the city that never sleeps, but New York has mellowed me out.

If the Characters of FRIENDS Had Online Dating Profiles

I’m too young to remember “The Rachel” hairstyle when it was in its prime, but I can quote the character nearly verbatim. I’m using this special talent to bring you the abbreviated Coffee Meets Bagel dating profiles of your six favorite Manhattan residents who live in apartments they could never afford—and would never have to leave, if they met all of their potential paramours through their phones.

Barely Cooking: Chicken and Kale with Peanut Sauce

There are myriad perks to being a writer. One of them is being sent random things in the mail from PR people trying to woo you to cover their products/services in your publication. Since I writer for a parenting magazine, this often means Dora the Explorer DVDs, Hello Kitty lunchboxes, Star Wars workbooks and the like, but sometimes we hit the jackpot with something age appropriate. And that jackpot is usually food. Our deputy editor recently received samples of HelloFresh food boxes: recipes and the exact ingredients the call for, in one box, delivered to your door (or to your office, as the case may be).

No One Likes You When You’re 23

Tuesday I turned 23. Twenty three might not seem like a significant age to most. Maybe it shouldn’t feel like a significant age to me. But it does. Both for the number and for the forces behind it.

How Apartment Hunting is Just Like Online Dating

What’s worse: being single or being homeless? Let me rephrase. Which is harder: trying to find a compatible boyfriend or searching for a suitable apartment? I’m doing both right now, and I have to say it: trying to find the right apartment is even worse than trying to find the right guy.

Barely Cooking: Broccoli Cheddar Jalapeño Quinoa Fritters

So I’ve noticed after undertaking this one-real-recipe-a-week challenge that I’m accumulating a lot of ingredients that I don’t use in my typical, day-to-day “cooking” that are likely to sit on my shelves until they go bad—or I need the shelf space—and I end up throwing them away. But groceries, especially in New York, are expensive, so this week I chose something that used a few ingredients I already had on hand, and that didn’t need a baking dish (finally!!!)

Barely Cooking: Lemon Chicken Couscous

I need to buy a baking dish. Or I need to read recipes more thoroughly before I buy all of the ingredients so I don’t get all prepared to make something and then realize it’s not stove top preparation like I assumed. There’s clearly no reason to wonder why I’m bad at cooking. This week’s challenge was Lemon Chicken Couscous, made on top of the stove instead of inside the oven.