Listomania: Things People Have Told Me That I Don’t Believe

Listomania (not Lisztomania): because sometimes, especially for slightly obsessive-compulsive people like myself, making a list is the best way to make sense. THINGS PEOPLE HAVE TOLD ME THAT I DON’T BELIEVE: You’ll miss… Continue reading

I Just Can’t Get Into It

Inspired by my dear friend over at Kunjulam, I thought I’d give this SoulPancake activity by @gaumercake a go. List three cultural phenomena people freak out over but you just can’t seem to… Continue reading


July 18, 2012 was the date when I got the most soaked from walking outside in the rain as I’ve ever gotten. How long will I remember that date? It might as well… Continue reading

You Da One

 Rihanna’s You Da One was playing when I thought I was going to die. If there had been anyone else in the car with me, they may not have been able to hear… Continue reading

The Warning

How do I feel about The Warning? The pre-admittance admittance that an admittance is coming. The: “Well, to be honest…” The: “Okay don’t get offended but…” The: “You may not like this, but…”… Continue reading

Real is as real does.

“You probably think your cup is half empty, don’t you?” That was said to me in January, when I was at a friend’s apartment celebrating her birthday. The comment transpired somehow because after… Continue reading

Now you know.

You know how, when you get to a certain point in a relationship with someone, you’re just supposed to know things about them? The timeline depends on the degree of the relationship, but… Continue reading

Pain vs. Pleasure: By the Numbers

“We already know how it turns out – we’re just quantifying the pleasure and pain. That’s what this is all about.” Said in my International Economics class concerning consumer and producer surplus, this… Continue reading

My car, my rules.

Inside my car is my favorite place to be. I love driving. But I’m also very fond of sleeping and showering and eating but my bed, my bathroom and my kitchen are not… Continue reading

Grass and Gravy: an Epiphany

Did you know: that grass turns brown in the winter? Did you know: that birds fly south when it gets cold? Did you know: that you probably don’t know where every dish in… Continue reading