In general, I would call myself a pretty selfish person.  I don’t really give a damn what any given person is doing at any given moment in time.  But I am now one… Continue reading

Not to brag…

…but I have been put in several trying situations recently and am proud to say I have managed to handle myself very well. Situation #1:  Spring break with my best friend and her… Continue reading

“It is on our failures that we base a new and different and better success.”

I’m an honors student at University of Dayton.  I was also invited to apply to their Berry Scholars Program.  This program accepts only 30 incoming freshmen, and involves two seminar-style classes each semester. … Continue reading

Freudian Slip

I realize that a Freudian slip is saying something your conscience hadn’t recognized as a developed thought.  But the “facts” I’ve just discovered are ideas my subconscious has housed for introspection for quite… Continue reading

Out with the old, in with the new?

Friday night, one of my good girl friends and I went up to visit friends at Western Michigan University.  Two of our guy friends attend community college in Kalamazoo, and a few others go to… Continue reading

I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

There are no secrets in high school.  And once the “secret” is out, it’s never forgotten. As a senior, I should be well educated on this.  I have been both the subject of… Continue reading

Live it up, Drink it down

I was invited to a party last night.  And for awhile, I wanted to go.  For whatever reason, I decided to go hot tubbing at a friend’s house and have my best friend stay the… Continue reading

We are living in a virtual world, and I am a virtual girl

Yes, that was a crude knock off of a classic Madonna song.  But it fits so well.  Not only have I just begun this blog, but I’ve also started my profile for Virtual… Continue reading

Counting Down.

101 days until I’m done with high school. 111 days until I graduate. 187 days until I move to Dayton, OH. Numbers are cold.  But they’re real.  And thankfully they’re here to prove… Continue reading