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McDonald’s in Morocco – study abroad pt. 3

– Leg three:  Morocco.  That’s right – Africa.  Africa seems significantly more foreign and intimidating than Europe.  We boarded a ferry for the open sea and tried to hang on to our breakfast.… Continue reading

Beaches, buses, bars. – study abroad pt. 2

– Next stop:  Málaga, a city on the Mediterranean Sea.  Three days turns into three weeks, where our UD congregation stayed in the Malaca Instituto, a mini-university dedicated to teaching people of all… Continue reading

¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? – study abroad pt. 1

– What comes to mind when you think of grilled cheese?  Toasted bread, Kraft singles…though in my house I was much more partial to Sargento colby jack.  In Spain?  Nada.  Grilled cheese, or… Continue reading