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Pain vs. Pleasure: By the Numbers

“We already know how it turns out – we’re just quantifying the pleasure and pain. That’s what this is all about.” Said in my International Economics class concerning consumer and producer surplus, this… Continue reading

We can drive it home with one headlight

When I was 15 and learning how to drive, I used to worry about driving too fast or too far for my headlights to catch up to me. I would be driving down… Continue reading

Who are you?

I was reading my textbook for Management 301 a couple weeks ago, a chapter about attitudes and personality. It said that after someone hits 30 years old, their personality profile will change very… Continue reading

We’re halfway there, Livin’ on a prayer

That song actually makes me think of a time before college. Before roommates, learning my way around campus, actually having to study for exams, paying rent to a landlord and killing a cockroach… Continue reading

Cheers to the New Year

I refuse to believe the superstitious New Year’s Eve theory. The “how you spend New Year’s Eve dictates how you’ll spend the new year” spiel. Why? Because not only do I deny superstitions… Continue reading