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Grass and Gravy: an Epiphany

Did you know: that grass turns brown in the winter? Did you know: that birds fly south when it gets cold? Did you know: that you probably don’t know where every dish in… Continue reading

In the blink(s) of an eye

My how things change. How time flies. How everything is different in the blink of an eye. Or 5,744,640 blinks, because humans blink approximately 15,360 times a day (if you’re getting eight hours… Continue reading

Michigan to Mississippi

Take everything you own – all the stuff you have – and move it 693 miles south. Where would you be? For me, it all ended up in Tunica, Mississippi. I knew, this… Continue reading


Today is my first full day back at the University of Dayton after Thanksgiving break.  Returning to Michigan last week Tuesday was the first time I made a trip home since I’ve been… Continue reading