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To write, or not to write, that is the question…

I interviewed two entrepreneurs yesterday. One an elderly gentleman with a lifetime of experience, one an ambitious young man ready to start such a lifetime. They both have UD to thank. The old… Continue reading

Let’s talk about sex.

I have been talking about sex a lot lately. Maybe that’s normal for a college student.  But I’ve been graded on talking about sex a lot lately. That’s because I am enrolled in… Continue reading

You actually have to study while studying abroad?! – study abroad pt. 4

– Obviously, I was glad to return to Spain.  Now – Barcelona.  La capital! Unfortunately, the academia of the trip was catching up to us; the week we were to stay in Barcelona… Continue reading

Beaches, buses, bars. – study abroad pt. 2

– Next stop:  Málaga, a city on the Mediterranean Sea.  Three days turns into three weeks, where our UD congregation stayed in the Malaca Instituto, a mini-university dedicated to teaching people of all… Continue reading