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Grass and Gravy: an Epiphany

Did you know: that grass turns brown in the winter? Did you know: that birds fly south when it gets cold? Did you know: that you probably don’t know where every dish in… Continue reading

Pure Michigan

I was a little taken aback by the “Pure Michigan” sign at the Ohio/Michigan border. In my personal opinion, the “Great lakes. Great times.”slogan was much catchier. And not only was my untrained… Continue reading

I’ve got ho(m)es in different area codes

My mother recently texted me, inquiring about my best friend’s home address. This is a best friend whose family lives in my old hometown in Michigan. Though born and raised in Coldwater like… Continue reading

In the blink(s) of an eye

My how things change. How time flies. How everything is different in the blink of an eye. Or 5,744,640 blinks, because humans blink approximately 15,360 times a day (if you’re getting eight hours… Continue reading

Practical-ly Heartless

I talked to a friend recently about my lack of sentimentality. It came up because I was explaining how I am my father’s daughter. The example I gave was this: when we moved… Continue reading

Michigan to Mississippi

Take everything you own – all the stuff you have – and move it 693 miles south. Where would you be? For me, it all ended up in Tunica, Mississippi. I knew, this… Continue reading

Stressed, Depressed, and Hot.

Okay, I’m not really depressed.  I’m not actually hot at this exact second, either, but I have been recently.  At least I am stressed, for sure. It’d be nice to say I haven’t… Continue reading

I’m a leader.

At least, I’m now a part of the University of Dayton Honors Scholars Program and I’m invited to a Summer Leadership Program in August.  They’re also giving me an extra grand for my… Continue reading

We are living in a virtual world, and I am a virtual girl

Yes, that was a crude knock off of a classic Madonna song.  But it fits so well.  Not only have I just begun this blog, but I’ve also started my profile for Virtual… Continue reading

Counting Down.

101 days until I’m done with high school. 111 days until I graduate. 187 days until I move to Dayton, OH. Numbers are cold.  But they’re real.  And thankfully they’re here to prove… Continue reading