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What My Instagram Would Look Like If I Had a Boyfriend

I don’t think it would take a detective to look at my Instagram and realize that I’m a single lady. But looks can be deceiving, right? So here’s what it would look like I were one half of a happy couple. And if I were the type of cheesy girlfriend who fawns over her boyfriend on social media and uses hashtags like #lol. Which I’m not.


If the Characters of FRIENDS Had Online Dating Profiles

I’m too young to remember “The Rachel” hairstyle when it was in its prime, but I can quote the character nearly verbatim. I’m using this special talent to bring you the abbreviated Coffee Meets Bagel dating profiles of your six favorite Manhattan residents who live in apartments they could never afford—and would never have to leave, if they met all of their potential paramours through their phones.

How Apartment Hunting is Just Like Online Dating

What’s worse: being single or being homeless? Let me rephrase. Which is harder: trying to find a compatible boyfriend or searching for a suitable apartment? I’m doing both right now, and I have to say it: trying to find the right apartment is even worse than trying to find the right guy.